JSON Output

Generate JSON output for easy documentation imports into other documentation tools and platforms.

Instantiate DocBox

Begin by creating an instance of DocBox:

docbox = new DocBox();


The following are the properties for this strategy:

  • projectTitle : Used in the top-level overview-summary.json file

  • outputDir : The output directory absolute path

Just pass them in the docbox.addStrategy() call:

docbox = new DocBox();
docbox.addStrategy( "JSON",
      projectTitle = "DocBox API",
      outputDir = expandPath( "/resources/tmp" )  
  } );

Generate Documentation

Now that you have an instance of DocBox configured with your strategy and its properties, just execute the generate() method with its appropriate arguments:

    source  = "#expandPath( '/docbox' )",
    mapping = "coldbox",
    excludes = "tests"

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