Just use CommandBox! No, really.

Using DocBox in a Standalone Application

Installing and using DocBox consists of three main steps:


For best results, use CommandBox to run box install docbox --saveDev in your app root.

Alternatively, you can download the DocBox source code and drop it into a docbox folder in your application.


If DocBox is not installed in the root of your application, you will need to create a docbox mapping that points to the DocBox source code location:

this.mappings[ "docbox" ] = expandPath( "./libraries/doctorBox" );

In addition to the Docbox mapping, you will need a Coldfusion server mapping for each source code location. For example, documenting a component with implements="cbsecurity.interfaces.IAuthService" will require a mapping of cbsecurity to the installedcbsecurity source code so DocBox can find the referenced interface.

Using DocBox

The final step to get DocBox running is to write a CFML script that initializes, configures, and runs DocBox against your application code.

See Configuration for more details.

Using DocBox from the Command Line

We also have a CommandBox module called DocBox Commands, which enables generating documentation from the CLI.

  1. Run box install commandbox-docbox to install the docbox command namespace

  2. Run docbox help to get a list of commands

  3. Run docbox generate help to show help for the docbox generate command

Please see the DocBox Commands README for more info.

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