HTML Output

Generate browsable HTML documentation for your application CFCs

The HTML API Strategy is used to create CFC documentation based on Javadoc. DocBox does not fully support all the Javadoc syntax, but hopefully it will soon.

Instantiate DocBox

Begin by creating an instance of DocBox:

docbox = new DocBox();


The following are the properties for this strategy:

  • projectTitle : The HTML title used in the documentation

  • outputDir : The output directory absolute path

Just pass them in the docbox.addStrategy() call:

docbox = new DocBox();
docbox.addStrategy( "HTML",
      projectTitle = "My Docs",
      outputDir = expandPath( "/mydocs" )  
  } );

Generate Documentation

Now that you have an instance of DocBox configured with your strategy and its properties, just execute the generate() method with its appropriate arguments:

    source  = "#expandPath( '/docbox' )",
    mapping = "coldbox",
    excludes = "tests"

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