There are several ways you can help in the development of DocBox!

Send a Pull Request

    Clone the repository fork to your machine - git clone [email protected]:ME/DocBox.git
    Create a feature/ or patch/ branch: git checkout -b patch/syntax-error-in-html-output
    Make your changes, commit as normal, and use git push to sync your commits to Github.
    Please target all PRs at the development branch.

Testing DocBox

DocBox has a suite of Testbox specs validating that it works as expected. New features and bug fix PRs should (ideally) contain accompanying tests. Here's how to do that via CommandBox:
    After cloning the repo, run box install to install development dependencies
    Run box start to boot a test server
    Run box testbox run to run the suite of DocBox tests.
    Edit test specs in tests/specs as necessary, and run box testbox run again to validate tests pass.
Last modified 9mo ago